Camp puppies

Adorable white puppy.

Momma with her puppies.

From Liisa, SMSgt Temple’s wife: For some reason Rex had terrible Internet connectivity problems today and could not send his blog entry. But he did manage to send the photos of the new camp puppies. Apparently there are nine of them and they are way too cute.

Three puppies playing.

Captain Freeman’s Annapolis service

From SMSgt Temple’s wife: Rex is too tired to write tonight. So I am using the space instead.

Freeman memorial service Afghanistan Aug 2009As many of you know Captain Matthew Freeman’s Annapolis service is today. This is a link to photos from that service: Naval Academy says Goodbye to Capt. Matthew Freeman

Here is what the Academy wrote about him: Marine, Naval Academy Graduate Laid to Rest

If you are a Facebook user you can also view another 25 photos from the service by accessing the official Facebook site of United States Naval Academy and look for a photo album titled “Funeral services for Capt. Matthew Freeman.”

Here is what Washington Post wrote: A Heroic Death, Without the Headlines

Also, Capt. Freeman’s family has established a scholarship fund in his memory. If you would like to participate, please make checks payable to “Captain Matthew Freeman Memorial Scholarship” and send to:

Capt. Matthew Freeman Memorial Scholarship Fund

c/o Bryan Bank and Trust

P. O. Box 1299

Richmond Hill, GA 31324

US soldiers in Afghanistan | Photo slide show from AP

From SMSgt Temple’s wife Liisa: Rex and his team continue on their elections mission which means Rex can’t post new blog entries for a few days. Meanwhile, this caught my eye on a local news website. It’s an in-depth photo slide show of U.S. troops in Afghanistan compiled by the Associated Press.

US soldiers in Afghanistan | – St. Petersburg Times

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Photo slide show – July 5-19, 09

From Liisa, SMSgt Temple’s wife: Rex is still out on his mission and asked that I make a slide show of all of his photos from July 5 until July 19, 2009. Majority of this slide show is made up of Rex’s trip to investigate what caused a massive food poisoning among Afghan National Army soldiers. If you did not get a chance to read the matching blog entries,

Part 1 can be found here Nan Bread anyone?

Part 2 is here Visiting ANA DFAC Part 2 and

Part 3 is here Afghan Army food poisoning Part 3

Again, if you’d like to have the slide show move faster, click on the “+” sign in bottom left corner to reach desired speed. You can also click on “View all images” and look at the photos at your own pace.

Memorial Service for Fallen Warriors

Memorial Service

Memorial Service

The US flag is hoisted briskly to the top and then lowered slowly to half staff.  Our flag is not alone and surrounded by other coalition flags.  In front of the flags a wooden pedestal provides placement for 4 rifles.  Bayonets are affixed to the rifles and then turned upside down and inserted into a slot.  Each rifle serves as a stand to mount a soldier’s helmet and a set of identification tags is hung from the pistol grip.  In front of each rifle a pair of combat boots is solemnly positioned.  On an adjacent stand are four framed pictures of uniformed soldiers.  Off in the distance, a bag pipe sounds out ‘Amazing Grace’.  This and the following is what I observed today at a memorial service for a sister Embedded Training Team (ETT) and another camp member.
As each soldier’s biography is read, several soldiers try hard to maintain their bearing by holding a stiff upper lip, while others shed a tear for their friend, their comrade, their teammate.  The memorial service I observed was conducted with the utmost respect, professionalism, and dignity.  A roll call is announced and each soldier’s name is called aloud 3 times.  It’s eerily quiet and there is no response.  These fallen warriors have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for the future of Afghanistan.  They leave behind wives, children, family members and friends who mourn their loss.
The formation is commanded to attention and the Honor Guard fires off a volley of shots.  The sound of ‘Taps’ resonates in the air.  We stand proud and provide one last salute in memory of these heroes and for the many who have gone before them.  Freedom is not free!  May God bless their souls and may they rest in peace.
Note:  This memorial service was held for MAJ Kevin M. Jenrette, SSG John C. Beale, SPC Jeffrey W. Jordan and another camp member.  Out of respect for the family and DOD guidelines I can not release the 4th member’s name until it is released through official channels.

Photo slide show June 1-7-09

Here are all the photos from June 1-7, 2009.

If you would like to have the pictures move faster, please use the plus sign in the left bottom corner of the slide show. Click it until the desired speed is reached.

Photo slide show May 19-31-09

Photo slide show of all pictures from May 19-31.

If you would like to see the pictures change faster, please click on the “plus” sign on bottom left corner of the slideshow until you reach a desired speed.

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